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Profits In The Stock Market

€ 129,11

Profits In The Stock Market

di W.D. Gann

Lingua: Inglese
Editore: H.M.Gartley
Anno di pubblicazione:

In this May 1935 book, Gartley shares his knowledge of such topics as major, intermediate and minor trends, tenets of the Dow Theory, Triangles, Moving Averages, Gaps, Volume of Trading, plus detailed instructions on trading with price oscillators. For the first time, this valuable work is available in hardbound edition, complete with all of the original charts. Harold M. Gartley had long been a well-known name in the field of technical analysis. Beginning as a board boy and runner on Wall Street, he evolved into a master technician whose techniques on trading the markets are still used today.

Gartley wrote many articles on the stock market but his best work is considered to be his book Profits in the Stock Market. Of special interest to many traders is his chapter "Volume of Trading". Gartley is said to have done more work on volume than anyone else. Born in 1899, Gartley grew up in Newark, New Jersey. He attended the Newark Technical School and then New York University where he received his Bachelor's Degree in Commercial Science and his Master's Degree in Business Administration. He began on Wall Street in 1912.

Over the years he was a broker, a security analyst, and a financial advisor. In addition, Gartley gave lecture tours and private courses on the stock market that were attended by many of the prominent people of Wall Street. Gartley was one of the founders and an active member of the New York Society of Security Analysts. He also founded the Wall Street Forum for younger analysts. From 1947 on, Gartley worked in the field of financial and shareholder public relations. In his later years he was chairman of his own financial public relations firm until he retired in 1969.

Index: * The Technical Approach to the Problem of Stock Trading Charts- * The Averages * A Chart Portfolio * The Long Term and Major Trends * The Intermediate Trend * The Minor Trend * The Tenets of the Dow Theory * Tops and Bottoms, Supply and Demand Areas, Reversals * Triangles * Trend Lines * Moving Averages * Gaps * Net Change Oscillators * Volume of Trading * Breadth of the Market * Figure Charts * Comparative Group and Stock Studies * Profits in the Stock Market


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